How We Protect Land

Every year the Forest Society helps private landowners conserve thousands of acres through two primary methods:

Land acquisitions

Permanent land acquisitions become part of the Forest Society's reservation system and are managed for recreation, timber, wildlife habitat, watershed protection and scenery. The protected properties remain on the tax rolls, and most are open to the public. Our protected properties range in size from four to 4,000 acres and are located in every part of the state.

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  • Click here to view the Forest Society's Land Protection Policy (view as a PDF).


Conservation easements

Easements leave the land in private hands for forestry and other conservation purposes while permanently prohibiting mining, subdivision and development. The long-term protection of these lands is ensured through the Forest Society's comprehensive stewardship program.

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Conserving Your Land: Options for NH Landowners

Are you interested in conserving your land but not sure how to go about it and what’s involved?

The guide “Conserving Your Land: Options for New Hampshire Landowners” was substantially updated in Fall 2019, and answers these and many other questions. It lays out in clear terms the steps leading to permanent conservation, and the most common types of projects involving the donation or sale of land and conservation easements. It also delves into other, less common types of options, tax benefits (with examples), and long-term stewardship, and provides case studies highlighting other New Hampshire landowners who’ve chosen to conserve their land.

You can read and download (free) this publication from the website of the NH Land Trust Coalition. If you prefer a free hardcopy version, you can call the Forest Society’s office, at 603-224-9945, or email Connie Colton, at

Map and guide to forest reservations in New Hampshire

Explore Our Forests!

Use our Visitor Guide to plan a day in the woods or learn about land we own near you. Click here to see a map of our protected land and get directions.

Conservation Easement Stewardship at the Forest Society

For every conservation easement the Forest Society accepts, we make a commitment to the landowner that we will protect the conservation values of their property forever.