Forest Society Advocacy

New Hampshire State House surrounded by trees and fall foliage in autumn

The Forest Society works to influence legislative and administrative decisions made by the federal and state governments by educating its members, issue stakeholders and decision-makers. We focus our attention on land conservation and forestry issues, and work with others to influence decisions on a wide range of environmental issues. We work with Forest Society members, community leaders and other stakeholders to educate decision-makers on core issues of concern. We collaborate with a variety of partners in our advocacy. We convene discussions with stakeholders in specific public policy arenas to assure a broad understanding of issues, including perspectives that are not our own. 

Below, for easy access, we organize our website advocacy pages into CORE ISSUES and CURRENT TOP ISSUES

Please direct questions, comments or concerns to:

Matt Leahy, Public Policy Director

Core Issues:

Current Top Issues:


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