Conserving Your Land

High Five, 54 Acres, is a forest reservation in Deering. (Photo: Jerry and Marcy Monkman)

Conserving Your Land:  Options for New Hampshire Landowners

Are you interested in conserving your land but not sure how to go about it and what’s involved? Conserving Your Land is a guide for landowners, conservation commissions, citizens, and others interested in learning about land conservation options and techniques.

The guide, Conserving Your Land:  Options for New Hampshire Landowners, was substantially updated in 2019, and answers many questions about land conservation.  It lays out in clear terms the steps leading to permanent conservation, and the most common types of projects involving the donation or sale of land and conservation easements.  It also delves into other, less common types of options, tax benefits (with examples), and long-term stewardship, and provides case studies highlighting other New Hampshire landowners who’ve chosen to conserve their land.

You can read and download (free) this publication from the website of the NH Land Trust Coalition.

If you prefer a free hardcopy version, you can call the Forest Society’s office, at 603-224-9945, or email Connie Colton, at