Community Science Projects

Community science provides opportunities for volunteers to help with science research aimed at understanding the natural environment in New Hampshire.

Visitors to our forest reservations can contribute to environmental monitoring through digital photography with our Picture Posts. In addition, we train volunteers for long-term community science projects through partnerships with the American Chestnut Foundation and Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.

Learn more about our community science opportunities and how to get involved by clicking the links below.

Sugar maple fall foliage

Sugar Maple Regeneration

We are teaming up with scientists at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest to launch a new citizen science project to study sugar maple seedling regeneration and see if sugar maples are struggling to maintain their place in our northern forests. Volunteers will collect data on Forset Society reservations in Stark, Orange, Cornish, and Dublin. The 2019 training is on Thursday, May 9 in North Woodstock.

American Chestnut

American Chestnut Seed Orchard

We're partnering with the American Chestnut Foundation to start seed orchard at the Tom Rush Forest in Deering in an effort to help develop a chesnut blight-resistant variety of American Chestnut. Chestnut orchard volunteers will help with planting or innoculation events, data collection, or with routine care of the orchard.