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Greenfield, N.H. – The 2015 New Hampshire Tree Farm Field Day will take place at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, N.H. on Sept.19, 2015.

BRIDGEWATER — With the state site evaluation committee’s hearings on the Northern Pass project set to begin next week, about 100 opponents of the plan gathered at the Inn on Newfound Lake Wednesday for a primer on how to fight the project.

Democratic U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen called the most Northern Pass recent proposal an important step forward, but says she’s not yet ready to endorse the project.

Eversource Energy, the Fortune 500 company behind the Northern Pass project, has launched a new marketing blitz to support its new proposal. The project has been mired in controversy since its inception in 2010.

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte says she’s not satisfied with Eversource’s plan to bury an additional 52 miles of the controversial Northern Pass project.

The utility said last week it would bury a total of 60 of the 192 miles.

Officials with Northern Pass, the controversial hydropower project, have announced an offer to bury an additional fifty-two miles of power lines – roughly a third of the total. But opponents still have concerns, including impacts on the environment and property values.

The new Northern Pass project proposal from Eversource-NH — which buries an additional 52 miles of power lines — is generating strong reaction.

PITTSBURG is this state’s northernmost town.

Eversource unveiled a new proposal for the controversial Northern Pass project Tuesday. It’s the power company’s latest effort to gain support for its plan to bring hydroelectric power from Canada into New England.