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As the draft Environmental Impact Statement for Northern Pass nears release, recent entries at ISO-New England, overseer of the region's electric power system, indicate Northern Pass is floating an alternative in the form of a smaller transmission line.

Over the past several years, the flightless insects, called scales, have bored deep into the bark of red pines throughout the region, ravaging the ramrod trees from New York to Maine.

A Concord city council subcommitee has gathered to study how the proposed hydropower line would affect Concord; March 23 was its first meeting.

The Forest Society’s land stewards are amazing volunteers.  I know this firsthand, as I’ve had the privilege of coordinating their activities on the Forest Society’s 170+ reservations for the past seven years.  Land stewards come from all over the state, from different educational backgrounds and

As Kinder Morgan moves ahead with the approval process, releasing more detailed maps of a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run through Southern New Hampshire, they are also poised to attend meetings in several local townships to speak directly to citizens next week in meetings scheduled i

The Merrimack River Outdoor Education and Conservation Area, more commonly known as "The Floodplain,” lies just below the Conservation Center buildings in Concord and provides 80 acres of open space for hiking,  swimming or an afternoon nature retreat.  The Forest Society purchased this land in 1

Nottingham Conservation Commission member and expert wildlife tracker Kristen Lamb pointed out the tracks in the snow but didn’t give away their maker right away, giving the group behind her time to lean on their ski poles and look for more clues.

The "fisher cat": ferocious predator of house cats whose bloodcurdling screams pierce the dark of night. Facts about this one wildlife species have mutated a long way into fiction. For starters, fishers are members of the weasel family—not feline. Properly referred to, they're "fishers," not "fis

Two years ago, the town voted by a two-thirds majority to oppose the electric transmission line. This year, the town has asked for $10,000 to pay for legal counsel regarding any impact Northern Pass would have on the town. 

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