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A pint of Rocks Red Ale sits on a stool in front of the renovated barn.

Rek-lis "Rocks Red Ale" Pays Tribute to The Rocks

Anna Berry | August 9, 2023

Drink a pint to support The Rocks!

The Rocks
Green tablecloth tree ID display items at Old Man of Mountain event August 3

Remembering The Old Man of the Mountain

Dave Anderson | August 4, 2023

The recent event was in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of the collapse of the Old Man of the Mountain from his perch on Cannon Cliff in Franconia Notch on May 3, 2003.

Lush green forest with a low bog bridge to cross a wet and muddy area of trail.

Healing A Battered Brook Crossing at Gap Mountain

Laurel Swope-Brush | August 3, 2023

Bog bridging helps forest regrowth on Gap Mountain.

A view from Lost River Reservation toward the mountains in summer.

Discovering Lost River Gorge

Anna Berry | August 3, 2023

A new video series about Lost River Gorge.

A southwesterly view of Mount Washington with clouds above.

Something Wild: Atop Mt. Washington

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | August 3, 2023
Dry, dead grass with a dandelion growing among it.

Forest Advocate: Climate Change & Heat Waves

Matt Leahy | July 28, 2023

These extreme heat events are not rare anymore.

A painting of the Saco River in North Conway featured in Mansfield's book.

Author Howard Mansfield and Composer Ben Cosgrove to Perform Original Work at Annual Meeting

Anna Berry | July 27, 2023

Today’s tourists to the White Mountains may not know it, but they’ve come in search of an Eden created by a legion of 19th-century landscape painters.

The Rocks