Oriole builds her nest

In May, the Merrimack River floodplain birds are hunting, singing, nesting

Dave Anderson | May 11, 2024
a female oriole builds a nest

Female oriole building a nest. (Photo: Ellen Kenny)

May on the Merrimack is A-May-Zing! Volunteer wildlife photographer, Ellen Kenny has shared recent images of neotropical migrants returning to the Merrimack River Floodplain.  Her recent 'feather' photos include grackle, redstart, scarlet tanager, wood thrush, oriole and catbird.  Also fern fiddleheads unfurling into fronds (say that 3x fast?) and tree flowers - red maple flowers and showy shagbark hickory flowers as their compound leaves emerge. It is a miraculous month in Nature. Be sure to get outside if you can!