"Forevergreen" Brings the Classroom to the Farm Fields

Sophie Oehler | May 13, 2024
A group of children hold their dirty hands up towards the camera
Today, The Rocks welcomed fourteen kindergarten students from Bethlehem Elementary to plant Christmas trees as part of our annual "Forevergreen" program. This education tradition brings the classroom to the farm fields, giving students the opportunity to learn about wildlife, tree species, and a variety of ecosystems with Christmas trees as a learning tool.
A group of children stand facing a woman pointing at a sign
Photo: Sophie Oehler 
"I think it's important for children to learn not only about trees, but also the labor and care that goes into agriculture, and why there's a cost associated with it," says Scarlett Moberly, the Program Director at The Rocks, "Plus, it's always great for kids to get outside and touch dirt. I loved seeing how excited they got about how muddy their hands were, and watching them discover different bugs and plants in the fields."
This year's group of students will return to the Forevergreen field each year to monitor their trees' growth, and learn about tree farming until the 6th grade. At which point, they will return for the last time to harvest the trees they planted this year.
A young girl in a teal baseball hat plants a Christmas tree seedling in the ground
Photo: Sophie Oehler 
The Forest Society would like to extend a huge thank you to Bethlehem Elementary for their continued partnership in this program!