On Display: "Sweet Season" Exhibit Featuring Kate Wilcox

March 12, 2024
Photographs of sugar houses hang on the wall of the Conservation Center.

We are thrilled to welcome an art exhibit featuring the photography of Forest Society volunteer Kate Wilcox, called "Sweet Season," to the Conservation Center in Concord. The exhibit is open to visitors through the end of April during Forest Society business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Kate Wilcox frequently volunteers her time to take photos of Forest Society events and activities and she received a Spirit of NH Award in 2023 for her service to the Forest Society as a land steward and photographer.

Kate Wilcox holds a bottle of maple syrup.

In 2003 I taught Environmental Education in California. I didn’t know if I would ever make it back and didn’t want to forget the wonderful things I was seeing, so I bought my first digital camera. I chronicled many adventures up and down the west coast and documented my trip back east. I decided that photography was awesome – to be able to tell stories with pictures. I shoot with whatever camera I have at the time, cell phone, Nikon, Ricoh (waterproof), and just purchased a Busch Pressman View Camera (4x5).
I walked into my first Sugar House in 2009. The sweet smell permeated my brain and got into my blood. The science and beauty of Maple has been a passion ever since. That was also the year that I went on my first hike with the Forest Society to Coldrain Pond in New Durham. The rest, as they say, is history. 
Almost 8 years ago I began working for the University of New Hampshire in the Facilities Department. I like to say that if you call me with a clogged toilet, I’ll send you a plumber, but, of course, that is only a little of what I do. One of my favorite benefits at UNH is the ability to take classes. In 2019 I took an Alternative Photography class that introduced me to different historical photography techniques. I have been dabbling in them ever since. Two of my favorites are the cyanotypes and salt processes seen here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.