Woodshop Wednesdays with Andy Crowley

Join Andy Crowley, Land Steward Program Coordinator and carpenter, for a new woodworking project on the Forest Society's Facebook page each Wednesday and new videos will be available to view directly following each broadcast on Facebook and then posted here as well by the next day.

Build a Bird Shelf- (Video was recorded live)

On this episode, Andy Crowley will lead you in making a Nest-Shelf style of birdhouse for our feathered friends. It's an easy project that can be done with kids and will provide a wonderful place for birds like Robins, Sparrows, and Pheobes to nest and lay their eggs.


Build a Bee Hotel- (VIdeo was recorded live)

On this episode, we’re improving wildlife habitat by building Bee Hotels for our tunnel-nesting friends. 


Build a Bat Box

On this episode, Andy Crowley will lead you in making a Bat Box. Building a house for bats will help support pest control and pollination, right from your backyard!
Links to Bat Box Resources:



Build a Leopold Bench- May 13, 2020


On this episode, learn about notable conservationists in history and then build the bench named after Aldo Leopold, the "father of wildlife ecology" and author of "A Sand County Almanac."



Excaliber: The Nail in the Wood Science Project

On this episode, join carpenter Andy Crowley, Forest Society land steward program coordinator, to learn more about the properties of wood with a fun science project.