Natural History Programs

The staff at The Rocks is well-versed in the natural history of northern New Hampshire and enthusiastic about the trove of wildlife treasures found in and around our 1,400-acre property. We offer a plethora of programs —  both at The Rocks and at venues around the region —  about the area's wildlife, conservation efforts, and farming.

Moose and Bear
These two species are perhaps the most well-loved animals in New Hampshire. Outdoor enthusiast and Rocks Director Nigel Manley has spent countless hours observing moose and bear in the wild. During this program, Nigel divulges some of the animals' secrets, using antlers, pelts, and skulls as part of his educational and entertaining discussion of their habitat and habits. The Moose and Bear Program is offered at The Rocks, as well as at other venues, including the Balsams Grand Resort and the Mount Washington Resort, throughout the year. Please visit our events calendar to find a scheduled program, or call 603.444.6228 or email to book the program for your group.

Vernal Pools
Each spring, as the snow melts and spring rains fall, vernal pools form throughout the forests of New Hampshire. The state is home to 11 species of salamanders and 10 species of frogs, and they all depend on these temporary bodies of water. The amphibians lay their eggs in the vernal pools, where the young are able to develop in relative safety. Discover more about the vernal pools and the spring life they harbor during this program, offered each April at The Rocks.

Maple Sugaring
Through our New Hampshire Maple Experience, visitors may explore the history and process of creating sweet maple syrup from the sap of sugar maple trees. Maple Tours are offered at The Rocks during sugaring season, the last three weekends of March and the first weekend of April each year. For more information, please visit the New Hampshire Maple Experience website.