A Renovation In Progress

On February 13, 2019, a fire at The Rocks destroyed two historic buildings that we used for office space, programming, a gift shop and farm operations. In the wake of this devastating loss, the Forest Society has had an opportunity to rethink the vision for this iconic North Country destination.

A view of the exterior renovations to the Carriage Barn with the cupola on the rooft.
(Photo: Shanna Hale, July 2023)

Renovations are now underway to transform the historic Carriage Barn into an energy-efficient facility that features public program space and staff offices. This facility will offer ample space for staff to deliver adult and youth educational programming on forestry, conservation, natural history, maple sugaring, and the Christmas tree operation. It will also serve as a center where visitors can learn about the Rocks’ history and find out more about recreational activities both on-site and in the region.




2019- Present


Fire & Recovery

Campaign & Construction






Above: Groundbreaking ceremony at The Rocks in June 2022



Above:  Watch our Zoom presentation on how restoration work is progressing at The Rocks, which was originally shared as part of the Bretzfelder Park Family Educational Series on March 1, 2023:

Learn more about the history of The Rocks

  • Click here to read more history on the buildings lost in the fire prepared by the Chicago-based Glessner House Museum. 
  • Read more in the Autumn 2020 issue of Forest Notes about what was and what's next:
Carriage House at The Rocks

Help Us Rebuild The Rocks

In the wake of the devestating 2019 ifire the Forest Society has an opportunity to rethink the vision for this iconic North Country destination. Learn more about our plans to renovate and restore The Rocks and support the project!