Professional Affiliations

The Rocks has several current professional affiliations and has received many accolades over the years for its farming practices and wildlife.

Illustration of a farm.
NH Farm of Distinction

The Dept. of Agriculture, Markets and Food honored The Rocks Christmas Tree Farm in 2004 at the New Hampshire Farm and Forest Expo. Since the award program was started in 1997, 149 farms throughout the state have been honored with this title. In 2004, 33 farms were nominated. An independent panel composed of agriculture leaders in the state, historic preservationists and the general public made their selections after on-site reviews and reviews of photographs taken in-season on each farm.


National Christmas Tree Association name in front of an outline of trees.
National Christmas Tree Association

"The Professional Organization for The Real Christmas Tree Community." The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) strives to be one voice representing Christmas Tree Professionals and promoting the use of Real Christmas Trees. More than 700 professionals support NCTA programs through membership, participation (through their state association) in the Tree Industry Partnership (TIP) Campaign and/or individual investments in the Real Tree Promotion & Marketing Campaign. NCTA focuses its work on Three Key Areas: Promotion and Research; Federal Representation; and Professional Education.

A ribbon with the name encircles an image of the state of NH.
New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association

Members of the New Hampshire/Vermont Christmas Tree Association have produced and sold high quality Christmas tree, wreaths and related products since 1956 - and continue to work together to promote and strengthen the real tree industry.



A pair of binoculars is the icon for the Wildlife Destination of Distinction.

Watchable Wildlife Viewing Site

Watching wildlife can be a goal in itself or it can be a nice addition to your experience at The Rocks or on any outing.

There are some things you can do to increase you chances of seeing wildlife:

Field Guides
Go Out When Wildlife is Active
Be patient, Learn to be Still and Silent!
Prepare for your Outing

Viewing Ethics and Responsibilities:

Enjoy Wildlife from a Distance
Don't Feed the Animals
Never Chase or Harass Animals
Don't Pick up Orphaned or Sick Animals
Honor the Rights of Private Land Owners
Respect the Rights of Other Recreationists at a Site

Enjoy your visit!