Monadnock Reservation

A pond with lily pads with Monadnock in the background.
The rocky summit of Mount Monadnock.
The summit of Monandock from above.
The mountain from a distance covered partially by fog.
A rocky cliff on the mountain.
A vertical cliff on the mountain.
A view of the summit of the mountain.
Another view of the mountain from a distance.
A moon rises over the mountain.
A map of the Monadnock reservation.
A map of the reservation within the larger region.

About the Property

NOTE: Advance registration is highly recommended prior to visiting Monadnock State Park. Visit the NH State Parks website for more information & parking day pass reservations

Mount Monadnock is one of the most-climbed mountains in the western hemisphere. In 1915 the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests conserved its first tract of 406 acres on Mount Monadnock, beginning a long-term effort to protect the natural integrity of the mountain and its surroundings. Since then, the Forest Society has acquired over 5,000 acres at Mount Monadnock and Gap Mountain in the towns of Dublin, Marlborough, Troy, and Jaffrey. The Forest Society leases much of this land to the State to be operated as Monadnock State Park.

Detailed maps of the mountain’s trails can be found at the Monadnock State Park website.

Property Details

Since the Forest Society’s land on Mount Monadnock is leased and managed by Monadnock State Park, there is a fee for recreational use here. Please refer to the Monadnock State Park’s website for details and listed recreational uses.

There are parking lots, information kiosks, 40 miles of hiking trails, expansive views from the bald summit of Mount Monadnock, and camping in designated campsites.

Trail Information

Monadnock State Park


Detailed maps of the mountain’s trails can be found at the Monadnock State Park website.

Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail



The 50 mile Wantastiquet-Monadnock Hiking Trail (WMT) can now be hiked over its whole length from Brattleboro to Mt. Monadnock. Download maps of the trail and five section hikes.