Landowner Stewardship Reference Library

The following list of resources has been compiled with particular attention to the interests of New Hampshire landowners with conservation restrictions held by the Forest Society. All of these resources are available by clicking on the links throughout this page OR by email in PDF format by contacting your regional stewardship manager

Disclaimer: Certain practices recommended in the following resources may not be suitable for your specific property. Please refer to your individual conservation easement to ensure that any planned changes in management or resource modifications are consistent with the terms of your conservation easement. Though each of the following resources has been collected from reputable sources, the Forest Society has not verified the information presented. This list is subject to periodic updates.


Relevant Organizations for New Hampshire Landowners

Online Resources for New Hampshire Landowners

  • NH Bugs Provides up to date information on invasive insects and diseases affecting NH forests. 
  • Young Forest Project Offers recommendations and resources for creating early successional wildlife habitats
  • Directory of Licensed Foresters A convenient online database of NH licensed foresters searchable by name and location.  
  • Taking Action for Wildlife Provides applicable strategies and methods for observing and monitoring wildlife with particular focus on private landowners. 
  • NH Landowner Liability Laws Details current state laws that protect landowners from certain types of liability if public access is permitted.