Forest Society Conservation Corps

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Volunteers @ 2019 Monadnock Trails Week


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Workdays mostly occur during the "field season" (April through November), but trainings and events  happen year-round. Throughout the year you can expect to see volunteer opportunities for new trail  construction, trail work on existing trails, litter clean-up, and habitat and vegetation management.    Trainings have been offered in the past on topics like: apple tree pruning, chainsaw safety and  maintenance, smartphone navigation, and more! Other events like guided hikes, wildlife tracking, and  timber harvest tours are also posted on the list below:

  • Go HERE to see a listing of all upcoming Forest Society Conservation Corps events, including volunteer trainings and workdays!
  • Go HERE to see a listing of all upcoming Forest Society events.
  • Send an email to Laurel Swope-Brush if you want to know more about volunteer opportunities.