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A woman wearing a blue backpack walks through a thicket of vegetation

Forest Notes: The Rare Milkweed Garden at the Gardner Forest

Sophie Oehler | November 15, 2023

In this Forestry Friday, the forestry team takes a trip to the Gardener Forest in Hollis to check in on a population of a rare species of milkweed. (Photo: Sophie Oehler)

An autumn view of the Mahoosuc Highlands from above.

Press Release: Forest Society and Partners Protect Shelburne Valley and Bald Cap Peak Forests

Kelly Whalen | September 25, 2023

“These 3,700 acres are a remarkable addition to our constellation of nearly 200 forest reservations statewide,” said Jack Savage, president of the Forest Society.

Solar panels at The Rocks in a Christmas tree field surrounded by wildflowers in summer.

International Energy Agency Releases Net Zero Roadmap

Matt Leahy | September 24, 2023

The report is at once sobering; it notes that the path to hitting that target has narrowed.

A view from Eagle Cliff of autumn foliage among hills and mountains in the distance.

Forest Notes: Nature is a Remedy for Stress

Ryan Smith | August 29, 2023

Nature is a missing ingredient in our society’s approach to health care.

A river runs through the forest.

Legislation Introduced in Congress to Enhance the Protection of the Connecticut River Watershed

Matt Leahy | August 28, 2023

The act proposes to establish a partnership among federal, state, local and private entities to promote conservation, restoration, education and recreation efforts in the important watershed.

A view through green leaves in a forest.

Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate to Establish New Forest Conservation Program

Matt Leahy | August 23, 2023

The purpose of the program is to keep forests as forests through the use of conservation easements that purchase development rights from willing private and tribal landowners to prevent conversion to non-forest uses.

Dry, dead grass with a dandelion growing among it.

Forest Advocate: Climate Change & Heat Waves

Matt Leahy | July 28, 2023

These extreme heat events are not rare anymore.

View of the NH capitol from the Conservation Center in East Concord

Forest Advocate: House Committee Delays Final Vote on NH Energy Site Evaluation Committee Legislation

Matt Leahy | March 20, 2023

We will re-engage on the bill when the Committee takes up the bill again in September.