Forest Advocate: New Climate Change Tools Released

Matt Leahy | June 26, 2024
Solar panels at The Rocks in a Christmas tree field surrounded by wildflowers in summer.

Solar panels installed at The Rocks in 2023 are part of the Forest Society's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in New Hampshire.

Are you interested, and concerned, about how your hometown or favorite place to visit will feel like in the future as the World’s climate changes? A new interactive web app from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science allows people to research that question for thousands of different cities and metro areas.

According to the program, Concord will feel like Ash Flat, Arkansas by the year 2080 with summer temperatures 10.9 degrees Fahrenheit higher and winter temperatures 11.6 F higher under a high carbon emissions scenario. 

The projections depend on expected climate changes, with results provided for both high and low-emission scenarios. 

Similarly, Climate Central (, a non-profit organization that researches and reports on climate-change-related issues, has a Climate Shift Index ( This tool shows how climate change has altered the frequency of daily high and low temperatures on specific locations around the world.