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Something Wild: The bittersweet reprise of birdsong in fall

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | September 9, 2022

Are you missing the dawn chorus?

A brownish toad blends into log against green backdrop on Floodplain in August 2022

A Tiny Mystery — Warts and All

Ellen Kenny, Dave Anderson | August 31, 2022

What's the deal with all those toads?!

Paddler's view of an orange kayak with clipboard in the ocean

A Successful Cleanup Day at Sagamore Creek

Sophie Oehler | August 16, 2022

The team collected 151 items of garbage, all of which weighed in at 23.5 pounds.

Students pose for a group photo in the shade of silver maple forest

Free Play In Nature — We ALL Learn

Dave Anderson | July 21, 2022

A tradition continued when English Language Learners/campers returned to the floodplain to explore the Merrimack River.

red coat of summer deer doe contrasts green wetlands vegetation

Summertime... and the living is easy?

Dave Anderson, Ellen Kenny | July 15, 2022

How wildlife "makes hay while the sun shines."

A group of staff and community members pose at the entrance to the Ammonoosuc River Forest.

Celebrating Protection of the Ammonoosuc River Forest

Anna Berry | July 12, 2022

A new angler access trail opened July 9.

yellow and black goldfinch eating red mulberries against blue sky and green leaves

Wildlife Wednesday: Summer along the Merrimack River in Concord

Dave Anderson, Ellen Kenny | July 6, 2022

Birds and plants have co-evolved to mutually benefit: trading carbohydrates for seed distribution via fruits which birds consume and pass seeds to far-flung locations where they might germinate.

An aerial view of the spongy moth defoliation shows some green trees against the backdrop of mountains with an expanse of brown trees.

Something Wild: A spongy moth infestation is plaguing New Hampshire forests, again

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | July 1, 2022

In certain parts of the state, you can’t miss the invasive caterpillars munching their way through the forest, just as they did last summer.