The Forest Society's 2023 Wrapped

Anna Berry | December 19, 2023
Nighttime image of raccoon in grape vines overhanging front porch

This raccoon was caught red-handed among the grape vines, as Dave Anderson recounts in one of the most-viewed stories of the year on our website.

Although December 21 is officially the shortest day of the year, when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted furthest from the sun, the milestone means that more daylight is ahead... and so is winter!
If the weather keeps you closer to home in the coming days, cozy up with a few good reads.

Here are the most-viewed stories from our website in 2023:

The Something Wild team is above treeline on Mount Washington, exploring the ecological zones of New England’s highest peak. 

To counteract the burnout and the stress of his career, Dr. Lon Setnik turns to his old friends — the trees.

The Forest Society's second-largest protected forest was a result of a partnership with The Conservation Fund and the Town of Shelburne’s Conservation Commission. The partnership marks the beginning of a long-term cooperative relationship to care for these lands over many years to come.

Dave Anderson recounts wildlife feasting and fattening on the autumnal abundance of fruits and nuts... plus tipsy racoons!