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Greta the Turkey Vulture is seen from the side with her wings open.

The Wonder of Woods and Wildlife

Sarah Kern | July 20, 2023

For young children and adults alike, the opportunity and excitement of being close to a wild animal can ignite a life-long interest in wildlife conservation.

sleek black yearling bear close-up photo in dappled sunlight

“Ready for the wilderness”

Dave Anderson | June 20, 2023

Rehabilitated orphan yearling bears have moved-out of the Kilham Bear Center to large blocks of conserved rural forestland in locations far from human habitation.

golden morning sunlight green reeds along Mill Brook wetland tributary to Merrimack River in Concord

Floodplain provides wildlife habitat during high water

Dave Anderson, Ellen Kenny | May 2, 2023

The silver maple floodplain forest is specifically adapted to withstand the extreme flooding regime of the larger rivers in NH.

A view of the dirt road winding by a stone wall at Monson Center in spring.

Something Wild: N.H.'s other foliage season

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | April 14, 2023

Even if you’re a long-time Granite Stater, and have learned to appreciate this so-called “micro-season,” you might not know what’s really taking place during early bud-burst.

A bee in pollen on a flower.

Forestry Friday: Why Bees Need Forests Too

April 7, 2023

A new study estimates that one-third of our native bees in the northeast are forest specialists, taking advantage of the nectar and pollen produced by trees and spring ephemerals in the forest understory.

Looking out to a snowy field from an open glass door

Forest Journal: A Fond and Feathered Farewell from Grandfather's Birds

Sophie Oehler | April 2, 2023

After the passing of her Grandfather, Sophie Oehler reflects on birds and their meanings during our grieving process.

A view from above the Cole conservation easement in Cornish.

Tradition of Generosity and Conservation Continues at Yatsevitch Forest

March 22, 2023

The conservation easement now fully encompasses the rich forest habitat in the area.

The team behind Something Wild.

Something Wild Celebrates 25 Years on NHPR

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | March 10, 2023

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Something Wild on NHPR.