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The Forest Society’s Monson Center has plenty of trails perfect for hunting for Pokémon!

   After a bumpy drive up a dirt road toward the headwaters of the Cockermouth River in Groton, Jim Cross parked his truck near a beaver dam and started walking toward one of four pastures -- all that remains of the abandoned farm purchased by his family in the early 1950s.

In this part of the country, the Corvid family includes blue jays, gray jays, crows and ravens. And ravens – Corvus corax – are the smartest of this intelligent family. Their brain-to-body ratio is on par with whales and the great apes. 

Enter your best shots taken on a Forest Society reservation OR (new this year) on any property conserved through an easement with the Forest Society, by Aug.

Attorneys for Northern Pass and attorneys for several interveners in the regulatory review process before the N.H.

Lawyers representing the Office of the N.H.

In the last Legislative session, the Forest Society opposed HB 1396, which allows for the operation of off-highway recreational vehicles (OHRVs) on certain highways in Grafton County.  Our opposition is based on the fact that the N.H.

As we have discussed in previous articles, the Forest Society has been working with our partners at the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and The Nature Conservacy (TNC) to highlight concerns over the existing ATV trails at the Nash Stream State Forest.  We contend this trail system is not in compl

Whatever company buys Ever­source’s New Hampshire power plants, as a result of the utility’s recently struck agree­ment to get out of the generation business, will be acquiring a lot of unknowns if it plans to keep producing electricity.