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The following public hearings are your best chance to speak directly to the NH Site Evaluation Committee members who ultimately will be making a decision regarding the proposed Northern Pass transmission line.

By the close of business on Feb. 5, more than 140 petitions to intervene in the Northern Pass docket had been emailed to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee.

As another round of public hearings nears, interveners in opposition ranging from towns to state lawmakers have filed to influence the siting of Northern Pass, which a growing number say can be fully buried using a portion of the billions of dollars Hydro-Quebec and Eversource would make in profi

Federal lawmakers have recently been giving the Land and Water Conservation Fund a whole lot of attention.

Although we sometimes take for granted that everyone sees the value in protecting our state’s unique landscapes and natural areas, several bills pending before the New Hampshire Legislature will shake that assumption.  Consider, for example, HB 1686, which takes aim at the Land and Community Heri

The opossum came back… at least temporarily.

Bobcats have been all over the news lately. It's kind of amazing to think that 30 years ago wildlife biologists estimated there were only 150 bobcats in New Hampshire. That's not the case anymore - their numbers are now estimated to be around 1400!

The Northern Pass project is bidding for a contract to sell a portion of its energy to the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

At long last, the Forest Society closed on the 72-acre property that is the gateway to the popular hiking trails up Mt. Major in Alton. This parcel was part of the successful "Everybody Hikes Mt. Major" project that resulted in the much quicker purchase of three other properties in the Mt.