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Jennings Forest as seen from above in spring with thunder clouds.

Elisabeth Maley, Daughter of Ellen Jennings, Donates 314-Acre Addition to Jennings Forest in New Durham

June 12, 2024

Jennings Forest expands with a gift of land from Elisabeth Maley.

Matt and Donovan pose outside behind a rock wall.

Meet our Seasonal Staff Members

June 6, 2024

With so much to accomplish during our field season, we're lucky to have their experience and expertise contributing to our work.

A view of Lane River in spring as it flows through South Sutton.

Something Wild: Trout are Made of Trees

Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt, Dave Anderson | June 4, 2024

"What I think is so cool about this one spot here is it illustrates how important diversity is in our stream systems, just in terms of the flow of the water, the size of the rocks or the sand, and how it creates the habitat for fish and insects in the stream." - John Magee

Forest Advocate: Proposed Farm Bill Reauthorization Contains New Forest Conservation Program

Matt Leahy | May 28, 2024

The Forest Society strongly supports the inclusion of FCEP in the next Farm Bill. 

A spring bud at Mt Major.

Forest Advocate: Learn the Latest on NH's Climate Action Plan

Matt Leahy | May 21, 2024

Two upcoming virtual community events to share updates on our state's Climate Action Plan.

Lilacs bloom outside the State House.

Forest Advocate: NH Legislature Approves Bill to Limit PFAS Use

Matt Leahy | May 21, 2024

The passage of the bill marks a significant step in the efforts in New Hampshire to protect our water, soil and air resources and thereby limit the exposure citizens face from PFAS.

Hepatica blooms on the forest floor.

Forest Journal: Spring Wildflowers vs. a Warming Climate

Carrie Deegan | May 20, 2024

What this means is that the “spring light window” in which the wildflowers accomplish much of their annual photosynthesis and growth, is effectively shrinking.

Closed parking lot sign at Mt Major.

Forest Society Begins Sustainability Upgrade at Mount Major

Anna Berry | May 15, 2024

The three month Main Trail project will greatly improve sustainability and visitor experience; only roadside parking will be available during construction.