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Logo with eclipsed sun behind a mountain

How to Have a Safe and Savvy Solar Eclipse

Sophie Oehler | April 5, 2024

Traveling North for Monday's eclipse? Here are some tips for making the most of the experience, and respecting the communities you visit along the way. 

A group of people stand near the ocean and gather around a dog

Turn Earth Day into Earth Month with the Forest Society!

Anna Berry | April 2, 2024

There are many ways to care for the environment and support local conservation efforts this month!

Sophie Oehler takes her dog, Auggie, for a walk on the partially frozen floodplain.

Forest Journal: Spring is here: March is a Mix of Ice, Mud & Buds

Anna Berry | March 30, 2024

As tempting as it may be to stuff jackets and boots in the closet and head into the woods (or climb a mountain to view the upcoming solar eclipse), there may still be a mix of mud and ice on local trails.

Looking into the woods, with only a bit of snow, at Heald Tract.

Forest Advocate: The U.S. had its warmest winter on record in 2024, according to NOAA

Matt Leahy | March 28, 2024

New Hampshire was one of the states that had its warmest winter on record.

The United States Capitol Building seen above a foreground of deciduous trees.

Forest Advocate: Support the Bartlett and Massabesic Experimental Forests

Matt Leahy | March 28, 2024

We urge you to contact the USFS to ask the agency to continue the long-term and peer-reviewed research at both these centers.

Part of Massabesic Lake is covered in ice with geese on the open water.

Something Wild: Lake ice is more than just frozen water

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | March 27, 2024

Ice acts as an insulator, reflecting sunlight so water at the bottom stays dark and cold. 

Forest Notes, Winter 2024 Cover

We want to hear from you: Take our Forest Notes survey!

Ryan Smith | March 20, 2024

Complete a short survey about Forest Notes and be entered to win a Forest Society hat.

Pruning Workshop

Pruning is a Personal Process

Sarah Kern | March 15, 2024

The art of pruning fruit trees is a mix of both science, personal experience, and the relationship between the pruner, the tree and the property owner.