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There are some new Forest Society volunteers out in the woods this Fall.

Oyster River HIgh School students in Jon Bromley's Ecology classes and in Kara Sullivan's Nature Writing classes visited the Powder Major Forest on October 26 for a field laboratory of ecological investigation and written nature journal exercises.

[English Translation of French-language report in La Presse. Link to original below.]

I should have known not to get smug when the potatoes in my new garden spot were thriving in May. I thought it was going to be my best gardening year ever. But then the plants turned yellow and seemed to wither into nothingness in a matter of days.

The Forest Society has recently installed Picture Posts on some of our Forest Reservations.  You’re probably now wondering what on earth a “Picture Post” is.  Well, it IS a post where you take pictures, but not dramatic selfies or group shots- these posts are strategically located to all

Eversource and Hydro-Quebec executives had been hoping for, if not counting on, having Northern Pass selected as a winner bidder into the three-state Request for Proposals (RFP) known as the Clean Energy RFP put out by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Forest Society's recent appeal to New Hampshire landowners for help in fighting the proposed overhead Northern Pass transmission line has generated a strong response. More than 800 individual donations have come in in the last few weeks.

A teen- and pie-powered event Saturday raised money and awareness to help the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests (Forest Society) get closer to its goal of creating a new conservation area in Madbury, Durham and Lee to be called the Powder Major’s Farm and Forest Reservation.