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Robert Blechl, Caledonian Record

FRANCONIA, N.H. -- U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, and state Sen. Jeanie Forrester, R-Meredith, were given a warm welcome in Franconia Wednesday and applauded for their efforts against the proposed Northern Pass Transmission line.

A wind farm that was rejected by a state panel in 2013 is asking for a re-hearing.

By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul

US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) joined colleagues from both political parties in both the House and Senate at a press conference today on the grounds of the United State Capitol calling on Congress to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.    The legal authority for fundi

The group, the Conservation Law Foundation, also happens to be a major opponent of another high-profile bid to carry power from Hydro Quebec, the proposed Northern Pass line through New Hampshire.

As Eversource and Hydro-Quebec’s controversial Northern Pass transmission line proposal slides further behind schedule, a project with similar goals—importing more power from Quebec into the New England market—has leapfrogged Northern Pass in the effort to get permitted.

Anyone who has played baseball or softball knows the feeling of hitting the sweet spot. When bat meets ball dead-on, it’s as if the ball isn’t even there. It’s perfect nothing.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance have set a new date for their joint workshop in Colebrook regarding the Northern Pass review process and historic resources.  Due to scheduling conflicts with the previously-announced date of June 13, the wor