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“The Forest Society is disappointed but not entirely surprised by the Coos County Superior Court’s decision.  The decision effectively kicks the can down the road relative to the ultimate resolution of important property rights issues involving Northern Pass, the NH Dept.

A male scarlet tanager had the bad luck of smacking into a window here at the Conservation Center in Concord earlier this week.

A 10-year trend shows New England losing forest cover in expanding urban areas -- where development is permanent and rarely reverts back to forest.

There are few sounds in nature that command your attention as effectively as the rattle of a rattlesnake. And though these snakes are not aggressive, that sound does elicit a hard-wired, innate fear response.

The Forest Society was part of the efforts in 1988 that led to the State’s acquisition of the 40,000-acre Nash Stream State Forest in Coos County.  Our involvement was driven by the significant impacts this property has long had on the regional forest-based economy, scenic forest landscapes, fish

As we discussed in the last edition of the Forest Advocate, the NH Legislature has been considering a bill, SB 324, which amends an old state law requiring approval of federal land acquisitions by the governor and executive council.

The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) voted 7-0 at a meeting in Whitefield on May 19 to adopt a schedule for hearing the Northern Pass (NP) project application that extends the statutory schedule for review by nine months.  Under the new schedule, the SEC has targeted Sept.

My name is Will Abbott, and I am here this evening representing the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests.  I have three specific comments.