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From her chair by the large window overlooking a field that slopes down to a farm pond and apple trees, Gayle Shost watches wildlife every day.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, the Forest Society announced that it was taking Northern Pass to court. These are President/Forester Jane Difley's comments:

The Governor's Office issue the following press release this afternoon:

CONCORD, NH, Nov. 19, 2015--The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (Forest Society) took dual actions today to defend its conserved lands against Northern Pass, which has filed an application to build portions of a private transmission facility on Forest Society lands.

CONCORD — State environmental officials say the application filed by Northern Pass with the state Site Evaluation Committee is incomplete because the developers can’t prove they have the necessary property rights for the project.

As fall comes to a close and winter is imminent, there is a quiet that sweeps across New Hampshire. We celebrate the changing of the leaves but once they’ve fallen from the trees there’s really not much to look at before snowfall, right? Of course not!

It was troubling to learn about a family of black bears – the mother sow with four cubs dubbed the “Jackson Five”- that were likely compromised by people intentionally feeding them.

Black bears

The project sponsors, TDI New England, applied for the presidential permit in the spring of 2014.
Northern Pass, by comparison, has been in the works since 2010, underwent several route changes, and still does not have a final environmental impact statement from the DOE.