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Volunteer Power

The Community That Mills Together, Comes Together!

Sarah Kern | June 5, 2023

As the trees show us, sometimes you have to bend so you don't break!

Creek Farm
Steve and John, in forester attire, examine a tree in a forest in spring.

Welcome, Seasonal Staff!

Anna Berry | June 1, 2023

The Forest Society recently welcomed three seasonal staff members to the team.

A green field on Tuckaway Farm.

NH Senate Committee Approves Agricultural Lands Protection Legislation

Matt Leahy | May 24, 2023

New Hampshire has a capable land trust community who have protected thousands of acres of NH farmland.


Legislation Introduced to Establish New Forest Conservation Program

Matt Leahy | May 24, 2023

We encourage readers to contact Rep. Kuster to thank her for efforts on this legislation.

Bethlehem Elementary kindergarteners pose in the Forevergreen field where they planted their seedlings.

Do Not Open Until Christmas 2030

Anna Berry | May 19, 2023

Students begin the program in kindergarten by planting their own Christmas trees at The Rocks.

The Rocks
A woman in a blue shirt holding hiking poles hikes towards a man looking out on a mountain vista.

4,500 Seedlings Planted, 87 Signs Made, and 24 Cubic Feet of Trash Cleared

Sophie Oehler | May 18, 2023

From sign making to tree planting, here all the great work our volunteers have helped us achieve.

A view of the iconic exterior of the Carriage Barn doors under construction into a beautiful window.

Construction Continues at The Rocks

Anna Berry | May 16, 2023

Construction is on track at The Rocks in Bethlehem, with the extensive renovations inside the historic Carriage Barn well underway.

The Rocks