Forest Advocate: Beyond the "Illusion of Preservation"

Matt Leahy | April 19, 2024
Red blossoms appear on tree tips against blue sky in spring.

(Photo: Kate Wilcox)

A team of New England-based forest researchers recently released Beyond the "Illusion of Preservation” — a report that makes the case for how New England can continue the forest conservation ethic that has been a hallmark of the region while sustainably meeting the wood consumption needs here. 

The report lays out a three-step approach to improving the imbalance between the wood we all consume with the wood we produce in New England. 

  • Protect New England’s forests, retaining at least 70% of the region in permanently protected Wildlands and Woodlands.
  • Reduce wood consumption by 25%, reorient consumption to more durable products, and enhance wood product recycling.
  • Increase the amount of Woodland acreage in ecological forest management and reorient sustainable production toward lumber.

To view the full report, click here.