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A promotion for the program with a photo of a nutshell study in the background.

Forest Society North at The Rocks Kicks Off Programs on "Mother of Forensic Science" Frances Glessner Lee

July 17, 2024

The evening celebrates Frances Glessner Lee's legacy as the "mother of forensic science" and the 20th anniversary of Corinne Botz's book. 

The Rocks
Chris, Dave, and Sy talk about animals during their visit.

Something Wild: Sy & the orphaned hummingbirds

Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt, Dave Anderson | July 17, 2024

Her admiration for hummingbirds is evident: "They're the lightest birds in the sky. They're just full of air — they're just a bunch of lungs. They're like most birds; their feathers are hollow, their bones are hollow."

a framed photograph of a lake and mountain during autumn

On Display: "White Mountain Images," Art Exhibit at the Conservation Center with Chris Whiton

Sophie Oehler | July 9, 2024

Our new art exhibit features photography from Chris Whiton.

Man in grey t shirt reads label attached to tree branch

Forest Journal: Food For Thought

Dave Anderson | July 1, 2024

Dave Anderson interviews farmer-philosopher Bill Wardwell, who cultivates specialty fruit and nut trees in a “food forest” to help increase regional food security for the future.

Timber harvest notice on Forest Society lands

Forest Advocate: Mass Timber Construction Update

Matt Leahy | June 26, 2024

The ability of wood to store carbon in the long-term and the fact that manufacturing wood products requires less fossil fuels makes mass timber one way the country can meet the goals and guidance laid out in the DOE’s announcement. 

Solar panels at The Rocks in a Christmas tree field surrounded by wildflowers in summer.

Forest Advocate: New Climate Change Tools Released

Matt Leahy | June 26, 2024

Are you interested, and concerned, about how your hometown or favorite place to visit will feel like in the future as the World’s climate changes?

Hypertherm employees pose by Grafton Pond.

Summer Approaches, One Volunteer Work Day at a Time!

Sophie Oehler | June 20, 2024

The pre-hiking season kicks off with a series of volunteer work days as the Forest Society races to prepare for the summer visitors.