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A volunteer poses with a "I love Monadnock" sign frame.

Press Release: Join the Forest Society & NH State Parks for the 17th Annual Monadnock Trails Week

June 23, 2023

Trail improvement projects are planned all over the mountain in this weeklong event.

An illustration of an owl in headphones with the word NHPR.

Something Wild: What NH’s 'drowned forest' reveals about the past - and future

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | June 20, 2023

Riddle me this: where is there a forest in New Hampshire that is only visible once or twice a day?

sleek black yearling bear close-up photo in dappled sunlight

“Ready for the wilderness”

Dave Anderson | June 20, 2023

Rehabilitated orphan yearling bears have moved-out of the Kilham Bear Center to large blocks of conserved rural forestland in locations far from human habitation.

People machinery log pile Lamprey River Forest

Lamprey River Forest Timber Harvest Tour

A recent tour of an active timber harvest at the Forest Society's 162-acre Lamprey River Forest provided an excellent opportunity to see the forestry underway.

Woods, Whales and Water - A Celebration of Connectedness

Woods, Whales and Water: We Are All Connected

Sarah Kern | June 12, 2023

How are woods and whales connected?

Creek Farm
red pine increment borer

Forestry Friday: Rockingham County Champion Red Pine

Steven Junkin | June 9, 2023

Old trees have lots to tell in their growth rings.