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A view of the iconic exterior of the Carriage Barn doors under construction into a beautiful window.

Construction Continues at The Rocks

Anna Berry | May 16, 2023

Construction is on track at The Rocks in Bethlehem, with the extensive renovations inside the historic Carriage Barn well underway.

The Rocks
White house with green shutters on a green lawn in front of a small ski mountain

Exploring the "Hidden Histories of The Fells"

Sophie Oehler | May 15, 2023

What will you learn on a Sunday spent in the sunshine with Dave Anderson at The John Hay Estate at The Fells for a historical hike?

Three young people walk together at Monson Center reservation.

Help Keep New Hampshire Beautiful, Practice Leave No Trace

Matt Scaccia | May 15, 2023

It's the perfect time of year to remember what it means to recreate responsibly and help care for the resources we all enjoy.

The proposed route of the transmission line from Canada through Vermont to the NH border.

Forest Society Statement on Proposed "Twin States" Transmission Line

Jack Savage | May 11, 2023

In opposing Northern Pass, the Forest Society did not take a position on the concept of importing additional large scale hydro power coming down out of Canada.

A black and white view of the forested White Mountains overlooking Echo Lake.

The Old Man & the Forest Society

Dave Anderson, Anna Berry | May 3, 2023

In 1923, the Forest Society led a campaign to purchase 6,000 acres in Franconia Notch, including the Old Man of the Mountain, the Flume, the Basin, and two mountain lakes.

Community Milling with Urban Forestry Center at Creek Farm in Portsmouth

Community Milling at Creek Farm

Sarah Kern | May 2, 2023

We knew that this would provide an incredible learning opportunity for our community.

golden morning sunlight green reeds along Mill Brook wetland tributary to Merrimack River in Concord

Floodplain provides wildlife habitat during high water

Dave Anderson, Ellen Kenny | May 2, 2023

The silver maple floodplain forest is specifically adapted to withstand the extreme flooding regime of the larger rivers in NH.

Story Stroll at Creek Farm

Literacy Among the Leaves

Sarah Kern | May 1, 2023

Combining physical activities while being exposed to nature (green exercise) has been proven to lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem, and have an overall positive effect on all aspects of a person’s health.