Mt Major Outdoor Classroom

Dover Middle School students hike November 7

Dave Anderson | November 22, 2022
students gathered for group photo on Mt Major summit

Group photo of Mt Major 8th grade students at summit of Mt Major November 7, 2022

teacher in silhouette on Mr Phippens Hut
Dover teacher silhouette at Mt Major

On the very last warm day of early November weather, the day prior to the mid-term Elections, 250 Dover Middle School students hiked up Mt Major.

Way to go, Green Wave!  

Math teacher Katherine Schulten organized the trip:

"It was great partnering with the NH Forest Society and exploring all our state has to offer!  We got nothing but positive feedback from our group of about 250 8th graders, and what’s even better – they got a sense of accomplishment that not all students can easily find in the classroom.  Teaching the 7 principals of Leave No Trace and exposing them to Dave Anderson’s presentation made this trip fun – but also left them with practical takeaways that they can (and hopefully will!) use in the future!"

The students were enthusiastic during a group in-school presentation the prior week to get psyched for their Monday hike.

students in November sunlight Mt Major
students, sunlight Mt Major summit
Ms Schulten's Dad, Steve was the long-time Portsmouth Little Harbor School gym teacher who established Mt Major as a defacto annual Little Harbor hiking tradition.

Katherine added "Thanks again for coming in to school and presenting!  It was an awesome day!"