Discovering Lost River Gorge

Anna Berry | August 3, 2023
A view from Lost River Reservation toward the mountains in summer.

A new video series, featuring the Forest Society's Senior Director of Education Dave Anderson, takes you to North Woodstock to explore the Forest Society's first protected reservation.

Make your way to the New Hampshire's iconic White Mountains region, and more specifically, the scenic upper stretches of Kinsman Notch. There, you can discover an awe-inspiring spot thousands of years in the making: Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves. This natural attraction has it all: a mix of serene forest strolling and wooden boardwalk exploring, as well as 11 crawl-through caves and jumbles of immense boulders sharing space with the sparkling Lost River. 

View the three-part series on YouTube or below.

Discovering Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves (Part I): Glaciers & the Gorge

Just how did the Gorge come into existence? Check out Part I of our Discovering Lost River Gorge series for a closer look at geologic history of The Glaciers and the Gorge!

Discovering Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves (Part II): Early Explorations

For over 100 years, Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves has welcomed visitors to explore its rocky caves and peaceful woods. But who were among the first to explore the Lost River? How did this magical spot, hidden away at the top of Kinsman Notch, go from a secret to a staple of many a family vacation? Learn the story of two intrepid brothers and how the Society for the Protection of NH Forests played a part in creating this one-of-a-kind attraction. You'll uncover it all in Part II of our Discovering Lost River Gorge series, "Early Explorations".

Discovering Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves (Part III): The Gorge & The Forest Society

Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves is legendary in the White Mountains. A 1-mile boardwalk, boulder caves perfect for squeezing through, and a serene forest setting are just a few of the reasons first-time trips to the Gorge can turn into annual family traditions. But when did Lost River first welcome visitors? And how did the Forest Society play a vital role in securing the stunning landscapes that make up our attraction today? You'll explore it all in Part III of our Discovering Lost River Gorge series, "The Gorge & The Forest Society".

  • Head to for more information and to purchase tickets today. Open May - October. 1712 Lost River Road, North Woodstock, NH 03262