Victor's Woods

forested hillside

About the Property

The Forest Society primarily manages this property for sustainable forestry, productive wildlife habitat, and other conservation benefits in support of the greater Alexandria/Danbury/Hill community. While all of our reservations are open to the public, this property may be difficult to access due to a lack of developed recreation features and resources such as signage, parking, established trails, and a detailed Forest Reservation Guide map.

Please see our Visitor Use Guidelines page for a complete list of rules and regulations for Forest Society reservations. 

If you are looking to explore a unique forest in this area that offers a wider array of recreational opportunities, we encourage you to visit any of our “recommended properties nearby” featured below.

Fishing Guide

The Forest Society received a gift of most of Victor’s Woods from an anonymous donor, with some of the land having frontage on the north side of the Smith River.  Later, with help from the Anadromous Fish Restoration Program at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Forest Society acquired an additional tract on the south side of the river.  This is an area that was formerly used for stocking of Atlantic salmon fry, as part of the Merrimack River salmon restoration program.  Unfortunately, the program didn’t meet the restoration goals, and in 2013, it was discontinued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  But this area is still stocked with trout by N.H. Fish and Game and access is excellent along the old Smith River Road, just east of its junction with Murray Hill Road and Route 104 (closed in winter).