High Five

About the Property

This is a great spot to see a great view that's just a short walk away from your car. The Forest Society hosted a timber sale on the property in 2007 when the views from the top were enhanced. This property is a fantastic place to enjoy an afternoon picnic or a quiet sunset. 

Property Details

The Forest Society purchased High Five with donated funds in 2004. It got its name when several members of the Forest Society's Land Management staff walked to the top and looked out at the expansive view. One of the staff members remarked that he just wanted to give a “high five," and the name stuck.

Trail Information

Wilson Hill Trail


A short (1/3 mile) hike along a moderately sloped woods road brings you to the top of Wilson Hill, from which you have a fantastic panoramic view to the north and west. There are no other trails on the property, so exploring further requires bushwhacking.