Wilkins-Campbell Forest Grows

January 17, 2011

Wilkins-Campbell Forest Grows

The Tyrrell Foundation has made a generous gift of eight acres of land to the Forest Society as an addition to the Society’s Wilkins-Campbell Forest in Deering. The previous landowner approached the Tyrrell Foundation directly with an offer to sell the land. The Tyrrell Foundation acted quickly to buy the land with the intent to later convey it to the Forest Society. 

The land is made up of five small contiguous undeveloped subdivision lots along Campbell Cove Road. The remaining subdivision is developed with camps and summer homes along Deering Lake. The conserved land includes a small stream gorge that runs from the Forest Society’s reservation into Deering Lake, as well as about 150 feet of frontage on the lake.

“These lots provide a way in to a portion of our reservation that has been difficult to access,” said Forest Society President/Forester Jane Difley. “It’s a great addition to an area of Deering, where the Forest Society currently owns over 1,500 acres of contiguous conserved land.”

The land was a gift from the Tyrrell Foundation and the Russell Foundation provided a small grant to cover the project expenses.