Timber Harvest Tour Scheduled at The Rocks Estate

January 17, 2011


Bethlehem, N.H., January 24, 2011 – Join staff from the Forest Society and consulting forester Jon Martin from FORECO, LLC for a tour of The Rocks Estate timber harvest operation in Bethlehem, NH. This tour will be held on Sunday, February 20th from 10 am to 1 pm.

Local logging contractor Matt Cadreact of North Haverhill, NH, under the direction of Forest Society foresters and FORECO, is putting the next part of the long-term forest management plan for The Rocks into action. The harvest activity will be located on the South Road portion of The Rocks Estate.

Tour participants will see how this harvest will generate firewood for the Forest Society’s buildings on the property, allow for the expansion of the sugarbush, improve wildlife habitat conditions, as well as improve future timber quality.

The sugarbush located on South Road will be enhanced by this timber harvest leading to increased syrup production for use in the newly opened New Hampshire Maple Experience in the renovated Sawmill/Pigpen located at the main complex of The Rocks Estate.

During the harvest, some of the recreational trails will be closed to the public. Closures may extend through the end of this March. Signs will be posted at trail entrances making visitors aware of the harvesting activities. Trail closures will not affect programs scheduled at The Rocks, such as the weekend Maple Sugaring events in March.

The Rocks is one of more than 170 forest reservations owned and managed by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the state’s oldest and largest non-profit land conservation and forestry organization.

The Forest Society promotes the benefits of sustainable, responsible forestry. Not only does forestry support the local economy, but it enhances wildlife habitat, supports recreation, and increases the production of quality timber. Revenues from the harvest help support the Forest Society’s conservation efforts.

Pre-registration for the harvest tour is required. Please contact Tina Ripley at 224-9945 ext 313 or by e-mail at tripley@forestsociety.org

For more information about ongoing programs and events at The Rocks, please visit www.therocks.org. For questions regarding the timber sale, contact Nigel Manley via email at info@therocks.org, 603-444-6228, or by contacting the Forest Society Land Management Department in Concord at 603-224-9945. 

The Rocks is the North Country Conservation and Education Center of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (www.forestsociety.org). The Forest Society is non-profit membership organization founded in 1901 to protect the state’s most important landscapes and promote wise use of its natural resources.