Northern Pass Attempts to Interfere with Balsams Land Conservation

December 22, 2011
The Forest Society is aware that Northern Pass continues to attempt to interfere in a transaction between two private parties, the Tillotson Corporation and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Curiously, PSNH and Northern Pass seem unclear on the fact that the negotiations are over and that they are an unwanted suitor. The Forest Society has a signed legal contract to acquire conservation restrictions and the power line right of way on 5800 acres of lands surrounding the Balsams Wilderness Resort, and we have every intention of completing that transaction by Jan. 15.
We would point out that as a 110-year-old non-profit land trust that holds more than 700 conservation easements, the Forest Society is uniquely qualified to determine appropriate conservation outcomes, acquire conservation easements, and monitor those easements. Northern Pass,  a for-profit shell corporation seeking to build a private commercial transmission line, would not be in a position to make such judgements or to acquire such a conservation easement.
It's clear that Northern Pass and PSNH are unwilling or unable to understand that not everything has a dollar price. It's also evident that Northern Pass and PSNH will resort to any tactics in attempt to force private landowners to sell to them. This is what landowners across New Hampshire have to look forward to as Northern Pass and PSNH attempt to bully their way across the landscape for their private transmission project.
That said, we appreciate the publicity their actions are bringing to our fundraising campaign. More information about our campaign to conserve the iconic Balsams landscape can be found here
Merry Christmas!