Bliss Lane Realty Trust Conserves Key 483-Acre Property in Orange

September 24, 2012

Bliss Lane Realty Trust has donated a conservation easement on 483 acres in Orange, N.H., prior to selling the property to Green Acre Woodlands, Inc. Green Acre Woodlands has bought the land using funds it received from phase I of their 6,500-acre Forest Legacy project (which SPNHF is facilitating).

The land abuts and enlarges the 5,500-acre Cardigan Mountain State Forest. The forest has been well managed by Rick Evans a local licensed forester and 100 percent of the property’s soils ranked among the highest suitability category (Group I) for forest products. Scenic views of the higher portion of the property can be glimpsed from Burnt Hill and Brock Hill Roads on which it fronts. It has been identified as having high natural resource values in the Lakes Region Conservation Plan and is within a core focus area of the Quabbin to Cardigan Initiative.

The property also contains some nice old mill sites and early foundations, suggesting a more intensive use of this property at some point in the past.