Ayotte, Bass Oppose Northern Pass as Proposed

April 7, 2011

Senator Ayotte, Congressman Bass Call On Energy Secretary To Consider Northern Pass Project Alternatives

Friday, April 8, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC– U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Congressman Charles F. Bass (R-NH) today announced their opposition to the Northern Pass Transmission Project as it is currently configured.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Ayotte and Bass encouraged the Department of Energy (DOE) to study alternative options as it prepares a draft Environmental Impact Statement, including: the feasibility of burying the transmission line; the feasibility of burying the transmission line under the Connecticut River; and the relative impact of using only existing rights-of-way, or other appropriate routes, while also eliminating or minimizing the use of tall towers.

The full text of their letter can be read here ayotte.senate.gov/record.cfm?id=332402 [link no longer works].

Ayotte and Bass made their announcement after hearing significant input from New Hampshire constituents and meeting directly with key stakeholders involved. They also attended a DOE field hearing on Northern Pass last month in Haverhill, which Ayotte had requested. DOE held seven public forums on this proposal, which were attended by thousands of residents in the state.

To follow developments on Northern Pass, visit www.nonorthernpassnh.blogspot.com/