A Raid on Dedicated Funds

by Jeannie Forrester and Nancy Stiles


There has been some controversy in recent years about the “raiding” of dedicated funds to assist in balancing the state budget — accomplished by transferring those funds or fund surpluses to the General Fund for general state expenses.

It is not hard to find examples of this practice. In recent years, the consistent raid of the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program’s (LCHIP) dedicated fund caught the attention of Granite Staters. LCHIP is an independent state authority that makes matching grants to communities and nonprofits to protect New Hampshire’s natural, cultural and historic resources. Funding for these projects is made possible by small fees charged on four types of documents that are recorded at county registries across the state. The public was told that the money would be used to conserve our state’s most at-risk natural and historic resources. But the unfortunate truth is that since the establishment of that fund, more money has been used to balance the budget then went to LCHIP projects.

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