Colebrook's News and Sentinel: "No, governor: A North Country view"

An editorial in The News and Sentinel of Colebrook

Northern Pass protestors rallied at the New Hampshire State House in 2017, as covered by WMUR at the time.

Now that he’s not a candidate … and therefore we’re not violating our policy against promoting or disparaging candidates, it’s time to sound off a little about New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

Eleven years ago when Eversource proposed its Northern Pass transmission line through New Hampshire, our governor had no part in the multi-tiered state and federal approval process, yet felt compelled to endorse the project. After an eight-year battle with vocal and dedicated opponents, mostly from right here in the North Country, the power conglomerate gave up the ghost.

But apparently Gov. Sununu doesn’t want that ghost to stay gone, and is still speaking up for his corporate pal Eversource. Just (recently) in his debate with challenger Tom Sherman, he brought it back up.

The two candidates agree on the state’s need for more renewable energy, stated the Union Leader’s Oct. 27 article about the debate. “Sununu said he fears moving too quickly could spike prices” the piece read, “but he said he wanted to reopen the discussion on Northern Pass, a massively controversial power line that would have brought hydroelectricity from Quebec to New England.”

“Massively controversial” is one way of putting it. And, no, Gov. Sununu, we don’t want to revisit the issue.