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autumn with students walking away from camera

Concord Project SEE Brings Students to Forest Society's Merrimack Floodplain

Dave Anderson | October 24, 2023

Nearly 300 students, teachers, and parents visited the floodplain as part of Project SEE.

White and orange fungi on a log.

Something Wild: The Fungus Among Us

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | October 20, 2023

Neither plants nor animals, fungi are a kingdom all their own.

A young boy hikes through a field of ferns with his father behind him.

5 Hikes Challenge: Make a Move

Anna Berry | October 18, 2023

But what if we simply started to move more, not for the sake of moving, but for the pleasure of it?

New England Cottontail Habitat Management

Forestry Focus: Habitat Management With Hand Tools

Steven Junkin | October 6, 2023

A partnership between groups and agencies helped prevent the New England cottontail from being listed in the Endangered Species Act.

Tim and Midge Eliassen pose with their award with Christmas tree fields in the background.

Midge and Tim Eliassen of Sunapee Named 2023 Conservationists of the Year

Kelly Whalen | October 3, 2023

“Midge and Tim are literally and figuratively, trailblazers,” states Jack Savage, president of the Forest Society.

A photo of The Rocks with a "trails open!" banner across it.

Trails Have Re-Opened at The Rocks

Anna Berry | October 2, 2023

The Rocks' trails, fields, and parking lots are now OPEN to the public!

The Rocks
Attendees watch the meeting from under the tent.

Annual Meeting Kicks Off Re-Opening of The Rocks

Anna Berry | October 2, 2023

The event kicked off the re-opening of The Rocks after a multi-year campaign to rebuild and renvision the campus.

The Rocks