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Sophie Oehler takes her dog, Auggie, for a walk on the partially frozen floodplain.

Forest Journal: Spring is here: March is a Mix of Ice, Mud & Buds

Anna Berry | March 30, 2024

As tempting as it may be to stuff jackets and boots in the closet and head into the woods (or climb a mountain to view the upcoming solar eclipse), there may still be a mix of mud and ice on local trails.

A group of skiers make their way over an ungroomed snowy trial

Forest Journal: An Uphill Battle to Make Snow For XC Skiing

Sophie Oehler | January 17, 2024

Now, skiing in New England is starting to look a little different.  

Nighttime image of raccoon in grape vines overhanging front porch

Party Animals

Dave Anderson | October 25, 2023

This summer’s rains have fruits and autumn seeds of many forest trees, and waxy fall berries of wetland shrubs and ornamental landscaping, yielding a bumper crop for birds and wildlife.

A man in a red shirt stands arms crossed in front of a large field

Forest Journal: The Doctor's Prescription: Take a Hike

Sophie Oehler | August 15, 2023

Part of a new collaboration between Concord Hospital and the Forest Society, Dr. Setnik and other medical professionals are helping spread the word about the role that forests, and outdoor recreation play in keeping our bodies and brains healthy.

A waterfall at Lost River Gorge.

New Hampshire's Gorgeous Gorges

Anna Berry | July 18, 2023

What's the difference between a gorge and a flume and why do these natural space stay cool all year-round?

Looking out to a snowy field from an open glass door

Forest Journal: A Fond and Feathered Farewell from Grandfather's Birds

Sophie Oehler | April 2, 2023

After the passing of her Grandfather, Sophie Oehler reflects on birds and their meanings during our grieving process.

Deer at the birdfeeder.

Forest Journal: Birdfeeders Attracting More Than Birds This Winter

Dave Anderson | February 26, 2023

With forest food absent, wildlife patterns change.