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A branch of red maple with pinkish-red leaves

Something Wild: Earliest flush of Red Maple foliage

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Emily Quirk | August 28, 2020

Naturalist Dave Anderson shares the story behind "Judas Trees," as a very few early green leaves have already started to change to red.

Hammock suspended between two apple trees in late summer sunlight

Something Wild: The Wheel

Dave Anderson | July 22, 2020

Naturalist Dave Anderson cites many mid-summer milestones including reduced bird songs, common ditch-weed flowers, and shooting stars which reveal the summer season passing faster than expected.

A northern harrier in flight.

Something Wild: Flying Under the Radar

Emily Quirk, Chris Martin | February 6, 2020

Figuratively speaking, Northern harriers have largely stayed out of sight, and out of mind of wildlife managers... even though their populations across New England have been on the decline for decades.

Birch bark peeling off of a dead tree.

Something Wild: The Standing Dead

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Emily Quirk | November 18, 2019

Something Wild: Erratic cycles - less than circular

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Emily Quirk | September 30, 2019