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Blaze orange clad group view a logging machine in hemlock forest

Public Goes Behind the Scenes of a Timber Harvest at Wilkins-Campbell Forest

Dave Anderson | November 16, 2022

Forester Gabe Roxby explained several of the wildlife habitat, soil, and water quality considerations of the timber harvest.

Forest Society Manager Forester Wendy Weisiger helps teach a participant who is driving a tractor.

Women in the Woods Program Educates on Safe Tractor Use on Woodlots

Anna Berry | October 18, 2022

The program is aimed at connecting women forest landowners, managers, and stewards with new resources and skills.

colorful hikers, fall foliage along shore of Morrill Marsh pond, Wilmot

Tree Farm Field Day: Colorful Autumn Tradition

Dave Anderson | October 3, 2022

Tree Farm of the year hosts annual field day.

A forester looks up with binoculars.

Forestry Friday: Searching for Female Ash Trees

September 23, 2022

Since a single ash tree is either a male or a female (in some tree species this isn’t the case and a tree may have both male and female parts), it will be important to make sure we leave some of each uncut during the harvest, to provide the species an opportunity to pollinate and set viable seed.

Looking up at white ash crows in the Monadnock reservation.

A Poem: White Ash Lament

Anna Berry | September 22, 2022

A poem about searching for female white ash trees and beseeching them to survive.

Group of people in personal protective equipment holding chainsaws seated in the forest

Women in the Woods Survey

Wendy Weisiger | July 18, 2022

Are you a woman who owns or manages forest land in New Hampshire?