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Something Wild: The Many Benefits of Antlers

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | December 3, 2021

Decreased daylight lowers testosterone, which causes the connection between antler and skull to weaken and the antlers to fall off. In New Hampshire this typically happens in January, although it can vary. But that’s NOT the end of the story!

A snowy owl pauses on the ground in winter.

Something Wild: Keep An Eye Out for Rough-Legged Hawks

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | November 23, 2021

Rough-legged hawks fly 2000 miles from Nunavik to New Hampshire to winter here- keep an eye out for them!

Two hunters in blaze orange clothing in NH autumn woodland scene

It's Hunting Season

Dave Anderson | November 16, 2021

The presence of hunters can offend or even frighten some hikers unaccustomed to hunting activity.

Something Wild: What's it like inside a beaver lodge?

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin, Jessica Hunt | November 8, 2021

Beaver dams create an entire ecosystem that allows birds, insects and other animals to flourish.

Bull moose with antlers facing camera against backdrop of colorful autumn leaves

Moose at Fall Foliage Season

Dave Anderson | October 20, 2021

When cooler weather arrives and foliage reaches peak in October, bull moose wander more widely in search of cow moose.

A merlin sits on a tree branch.

Get to Know the Merlin: A Raptor Expanding Its Territory in N.H.

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin | September 30, 2021

Merlins, small falcons, used to be found only in northern N.H.. They have been expanding their breeding range south across New England over the past several decade

A bald-faced hornet nest is pictured close to a house's eaves.

Something Wild: Ouch! What Just Stung Me?

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin | September 13, 2021

As the fall approaches, wasps and hornets get more aggressive. How can you tell what's buzzing around, and when it's safe to get rid of a nest?

A night heron flies through the air.

A Fruitful Bird Walk at Creek Farm

Anna Berry | August 20, 2021

Participants in the recent Creek Farm Series program had the change to learn from photographer Phil Stone.